Avant 700 Series Loader

Key Features


Key Features of the Avant 700 Series Loader

  • Rigid Articulation Joint
  • Load Sensor
  • 360° Field of Vision
  • Audible load sensor warnings
  • ROPS safety frame and FOPS canopy
  • Seat belt



Hydraulics & Lifting


Lifting Capabilities of the Avant 600 Series Loader

  • Modern off center boom construction
  • Lift capacity 1,35 ton
  • Max. lift height 3010 mm
  • Telescopic boom as option
  • Boom self levelling as option
  • Quick attach system for attachments
  • Telescopic boom

Auxiliary Hydraulics

  • Oil flow as high as 70 l/min
  • Pressure 240 bar / 3480 PSI
  • Hydraulic oil cooler standard


Steering Capabilities

The Avant 600 Series Loader Includes Hydraulic Power Steering and a  Turning radius inside / outside 1240 / 2780 mm

This ensures efficiency in tight situations

Key Features:

  • Four wheel drive
  • Changing of driving direction with drive pedals
  • Two drive speed areas on model Avant 750
  • High pulling force and precise drive control

The Avant 600 Series Loader hosts the same efficient transmission as the smaller models which makes it surprisingly agile for it’s size.

A new feature to the Avant

Pulling force Drive speed
Avant 750, lower speed: 1600 kp 0-12 km/h
Avant 750, higher speed: 800 kp 0-24 km/h
Avant 745 1380 0-12 km/h


Technical Specifications 

avant 700 series loader technical specification

Avant 700 Series Loader Brochure

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