Avant 300 Series Loader


Simple, But Effective!

Due to the simple, yet robust nature of the Avant 300 Series Loader this skid steer machine is ideal for flat and paved surfaces with it’s Turn-on-the-spot capabilities.


Farmers love it!


The Avant 300 series loader has proven itself time and time again by a variety of different customers with a wide variety of needs. However, this machine seems to be particularly popular with farmers, manure removal and sweepage to name but a few!

It’s also great for construction sites!




It's Like Riding A Bike

The Avant 300 Series loader is a very precise machine and will take a bit of practice getting used to the skid steering but once you have the hang of it, it is like riding a bike. Alternatively, a fully qualified and experienced driver can be provided if you wish to remove the time restraints of learning to operate the machinery.

Inside or Outside

The Avant 300 Series Loader is great outdoors, but the precision of the steering system, coupled with the compact dimensions and low weight allows this machine to be invaluable inside buildings and on construction sites.  An attachment which compliments this feature is the Hydraulic Breaker.

Technical Specifications 

Avant 300 series loader dimensions
avant 200 series loader technical specification

Avant 300 Series Loader Brochure

Want to Hire or Buy?

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