Avant 600 Series Loader


Key Features

Key Features of the Avant 600 Series Loader

  • Size – enough to handle heavier loads
  • Smoothness – does not damage lawns, pavings and other sensitive surfaces
  • Efficiency – both for lifting and attachments
  • Maneuverability – always needed when working in the yards and gardens
  • Power – is useful in any work
  • Versatility – you can do the job by using just one machine




Auxiliary Hydraulics

  • Oil flow as high as 66 l/min (model 635)
  • Pressure 200 bar / 2900 PSI
  • Hydraulic oil cooler standard

Like the other Avant Loader models, the Avant 600 Series Loader features a double acting hydraulic outlet at the front of the machine to attach Avant Loader attachments with ease.


Lifting Capabilities

  • Modern off center boom construction
  • Lift capacity of over 1 ton
  • Max. lift height 2850 mm
  • Telescopic boom as option
  • Boom self levelling as option
  • Quick attach system for attachments



Precision Steering

  • Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Turning radius of 900 mm / 2470 mm

Ideal for work in tight situations, inside and out!

Technical Specifications 

Avant 600 series loader
avant 200 series loader technical specification
Avant 600 series loader

Avant 600 Series Loader Brochure

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