Avant 500 Series Loader



Safety Features

As a great safety feature,  the Avant 500 Series offers an unrestricted 360° field of vision for the driver which ensures the safety of both the operator and anybody working within a close proximity of the machine. Not only that, but as the 500 series also comes, as standard with a four-post POPS frame with a sturdy FOPS canopy to protect the operator from surrounding dangers.

This machine also features a two-point seat belt as standard.





Like all of the other Avant Loader models, the 500 series features a dual hydraulics outlet at the front of the machine. This allows for the vast range of 500 series attachments to be connected easily.

Since the Avant 500 series Loader is such a powerful piece of machinery, a Hydraulic cooler comes as standard to maintain the efficiency of the machine during it’s usage.


Ready from the Word Go!

The Avant 500 Series Loader, as standard, comes with a lift arm, power steering, work lights, safety frame and a trailer coupling. Everything you need to hit the ground running!

Easy to Operate

With 2 pedals to select driving direction and speed, hand throttle and steering wheel the Avant 500 Series Loader is easy to use and even quicker to set up. But we do provide a qualified and experienced driver should you require one!

Technical Specifications 

Avant 500 series dimensions
avant 200 series loader technical specification

Avant 500 Series Loader Brochure

Want to Hire or Buy?

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