Pallet Fork

Perfect For Pallets


The Avant Loader Pallet Fork  is perfect for handling various types of materials on various types of pallets.

The width of the Avant Pallet Fork can be easily adjusted thanks to a quick lock mechanism to suit various pallet sizes.

The Forks are manufactured of a tensile forged steel in accordance with ISO2330 standard.

Out with the Old, In with the New!


The Avant Fork Lift offers a more precise drive and control when compared to a conventional forklift. Avant machines are far superior on various types of terrain whether it is winter or summer.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent field of vision both to the attachment and to the environment makes working with pallet forks precise and easy
  • Pallet fork is a useful attachment on construction sites, farms, as well as on the company’s yard doing material handling jobs


200 series

Fork length Weight Product number
850 mm 90 kg A33029


300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 series

Length Weight Product number
Regular model 850 mm 90 kg A21047
Long model 1100 mm 105 kg A21039
Avant loader pallet fork
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