Avant Screening Bucket


Easy Material Separation

The Avant Screening Bucket attachment is a quick and easy method of separating different sized soil with it’s robust and unique design.

The design of the Screen Bucket atttachment allows the user to efficiently separate large and small soil particles without crushing or damaging the material- great for recycling!


Perfect for a variety of materials

The Avant Screening Bucket attachment allows you to alter the composition of top soil to make it the ideal attachment for most jobs. The user is able to mix salt, peat, sand moraine or clay to ensure that the soil composition is perfect for a variety of purposes.

Key Features

  • Multifunctional. Landscaping contractors can make topsoil directly on the work site with the same machine they are using for other jobs
  • Cost and time saving. No need to transport ready screened topsoil to the work site
  • Heavy duty construction. Designed for professional screening work

400 and 500 series

Model AV-3-800

600 and 700 series

Model AV-3-800 AV-4-1000

Avant Loader Compatibility 

avant screening bucket compatibility
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