Avant Hydraulic Breaker

Power when you need it the most

The Avant Hydraulic Breaker is a no frills attachment which offers a great solution to your demolition and refurbishment needs. The hydraulic system of the Avant machines ensures that there is no drop in power whilst the machine is in operation

Fits Most Models

The universal, multi connector system of Avant machines means that the Avant Hydraulic Breaker can be fitted to machines featuring in the 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and robot series machines. Saving you the hassle of needing multiple machines for different attachments.

Key Features

  • Top quality sound isolated Avant breakers are quiet and powerful
  • Breakers are pre-adjusted at the factory to suit Avant loaders. There is a breaker for
    each Avant model.
  • All hoses and adapter plates are included in the packaging so the combination is all ready for work
Avant Breaker Spec

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Avant Loader Compatibility 

Avant Breaker compatibility

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